Sporty Backpacks in Orange and Grey


As a parent, I have to love any product that helps keep my kids safe. This backpack falls into that category. The lacing loops are made of reflective material (you can see them lit up in the first photo) that will help them be seen after dark. Every college student who rides a bike or walks somewhere after dark needs this backpack.

Each backpack is 17" tall, not including the hanging loop. There are two zipper pulls on the zipper that encloses the biggest section. It's also covered by a flap of fabric that will help keep out moisture if they'd get caught out in the rain or something like that.

The next section also has a zipper with double pulls. It unzips all the way to the bottom of the bag.

There's one more zippered pocket above the elastic lacing cord that adjusts with a bean lock.

On each side there's a pocket made of webbing with an elasic top that is perfect for a water bottle.

The back straps are padded and adjustable.

The orange fabric contrasts the grey and is more reflective. On the other backpack, the grey is shinier than the black, helping the contrast and reflectiveness.

If they'd make this in hot pink, I'd use it myself! :-)

A monogram is included! Be sure to let me know how you'd like it personalized by leaving a note at check out or via convo.


Unfortunately, once an item has been monogrammed it cannot be returned unless the item is defective.

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